How To Soundproof A Wall From Noisy Neighbours

Your home should be a quiet haven, where you can relax and enjoy the calm of the night after a stressful day at work. But what can you do when you have a noisy neighbour who won’t let you enjoy the tranquillity of your home?

Well, you can move to another apartment, but the big question is- does that help?

No, it doesn’t.

I know that loud neighbour can be a real pain, especially those who “get loud” at times when you really need some quiet time alone. There are several methods you can reduce the loud noise coming through to your house. He is my personal guide on how to soundproof a wall from noisy neighbours.

soundproof wall

Understanding noise from neighbours

Before you begin your soundproofing journey, it’s important to understand the different types of noise. There are two types of Impact and Airborne noises. Examples of airborne sounds include television, conversation, music, appliances and music. Impact noise includes scraping furniture, footsteps and door banging.

Tips For Noisy Neighbours Soundproofing

1. Talk to your neighbours

The very first step you should consider when dealing with a noisy neighbour is by making them aware that they’re noisy. Make sure you talk with your neighbour first before taking any action,and this might solve the problem without even having to spend a dime on wall soundproofing.

I know that sometimes you can be shy/afraid to approach your neighbour,but if that’s the case, you can read this article on how to initiate a conversation with your neighbour.

2. Try Drywall

Drywall is one of the expensive but most effective wall soundproofing methods worth a shot. It does require technical knowledge to install and probably you should request for some professional assistance.

What’s in there for you?

Drywall makes your old rugged and thin wall thicker. The rule of thumb in sound dampening is that the thicker the material, the more effective it is in sound blocking.

First measure the size of the wall you want to soundproof and order online the size that fits the dimensions of your wall.

Beforeinstalling your new drywall, be sure to check any cracks or holes in the old wall and fill them up using green glue or soundproofing glue compound. Now that you’ve sealed those small cracks and holes, it’s time to screw the drywall into position.

3. Try some foam mats

I know that sometimes you might be limited in budget. If that the case, using foam mats is a cheaper option that’s still effective. They are easy to install,and you won’t need any modifications to the existing walls. This method is highly recommended if you live in an apartment or any other rented unit.

You will also enjoy heat insulation benefits from these mats. Not only will they block sound but also prevent heat loss during winter and seal out heat in the summer.

4. Use soundproof curtains

Noise reducing curtains are great for soundproofing the windows and walls. The obvious place you should install them would be the windows and doors, but hanging them along the wall in your room can do the trick as well.

For starters, bear in mind that you will have to install a rod and purchase curtains with grommets for easy installation. These curtains work same as sound dampening blankets discussed below.

5. Sound dampening blankets

You probably know that moving blankets are used by movers to protect furniture from damage.

Did you know that you use them to block out unwanted noises?

Moving blankets are made of heavy materials to protect furniture from damage. This property makes them ideal in sound deadening. You can hang them on the wall to prevent airborne noise.

6. Try Some Acoustic Foams plus other methods

You can combine either of the methods mentioned above with acoustic panels to get the best out of your soundproofing project.

For instance, you can use either of the methods mentioned above to block impact noise and acoustic panels to block airborne noise. Here are some of my recommended acoustic panels you can find online.

But if you find a combination of either of the method above expensive, I would recommend you stick to one that you find most suitable.

7. Use Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)

Mass Loaded Vinyl commonly known MLV is a flexible material available in rolls. It’s one of the best soundproofing material. You can either hang it on the wall or place it under the carpet and its cheaper option compared to drywall soundproofing. But to obtain efficiency from Mass Loaded Vinyl, it needs a thorough application,and if not installed properly you won’t get the best results. There are plenty of YouTube channels on how you can install them.

8. Use old egg boxes

One old trick that works magic is the use of egg crates. It’s important for you to note that these crates don’t absorb sound,but they help reduce echo and hence reduce noise you hear from the noisy neighbours. It’s also important to note that they are not the most effective methods of soundproofing because they absorb very little sounds.

Final thoughts on Wall Soundproofing

That’s all on my guide on how to soundproof a wall from noisy neighbours.If you have more tips on noisy neighbours soundproofing, please let me know in the comment section down below. You can also use noise dampening paint for soundproofing.